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What’s all the fuss about educational technology integration?

When we think of educational technology, it is easy to roll off a list of devices, apps or online tools that can be used to varying ends in classrooms. Most teachers are well aware of their own limitations, as far as understanding of these tools goes, too, but even the least experienced user can allow…

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Google Lesson Plans

Hi everyone Here is something I hadn’t seen before: lesson plans from Google, focussing on how to search the web more effectively. There is also a section called “A Google a day”, which has a daily challenge for searching the web, in the form of riddles and the like. Check it out!

Edu 2.0

There are some amazing Internet tools on this site: DoodleBuzz, Popplet, GoAnimate, MyFakeWall… all do some amazing and useful things! Check a couple of them out, today! Posted via email from Deon’s posterous

Facebook: teacher/student friendships…

Below is my rant in response to a recent article in the Hobart Mercury in which “TEACHERS have been reminded to maintain a professional relationship with their students, in particular not to interact with them on social networking sites such as Facebook.” I’m not sure what departments are afraid of… Will we soon be…

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What is YOUR child doing online?

With the increasing levels of mobile devices in our environment, it is becoming increasingly important that parents/carers are aware of how their children are using these devices. On a day-to-day basis, I see that students are sending emails from the comfort of their own homes: mostly from in their bedroom, and frequently late at night…

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