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Creating grouped objects using Keynote/Pages on iPad

One thing I find that limits my use of Keynote on the iPad
is its inability to group objects. There are some apps available
that let you do this (like iDraw, which comes with a reasonably hefty
$AUD9.49 price tag that most schools would probably rather avoid. At my school, even with a volume purchasing discount, we are still looking at $4000 to get it out to every student!)
but doing it from within the app itself is a little quicker, despite the quirks of the workflow, and
saves learning how to use another app. Learning a new app can be a
good thing, but if it costs you $10 just so you can do this one
thing, it may not be worth it.

So, I have used the instant alpha
tool to remove the background from a photo (see previous post), and
then added a little bit of Keynote puppet magic to create a rather
dashing version of Australia’s esteemed [matter of opinion!] former Prime Minister.

The next step is to take a screenshot. I like to
enter “play” mode in Keynote first, so that the screen shot is
larger and doesn’t contain the rest of the mess. A nice green
background works well with the instant alpha, too, as follows:

From here:

Import the screenshot into Keynote (tap the + button and choose the media tab) and use instant alpha (see previous blog post for instructions) to remove the green background;

Copy the image (tap on it once and choose COPY from the pop up), then paste it into an email to yourself;

In the received email, tap and hold on the image, choosing the “save image” option to get it to your camera roll;

Go back to Keynote and import the newly saved image (using the + button again).

You can now animate the object, or use magic move to get it to do some cool stuff (if you look closely at my Keynote screenshots, you might be able to see a smattering of blood on a wall from an animated collision – one of my favourite examples that students enjoy!). You can see that a very animated KRudd made an appearance via video link at my school’s graduation ceremony. Thanks, Kev!


This workflow can also be applied in Pages, if you
prefer, or if you don’t have Keynote! But all your students have
Keynote, right, as embedding multimedia in demonstrations of
learning is so much better than anything you can do in


Deon Scanlon • December 2, 2013

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