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Top 13 list blogs viewed by me on Twitter on 25 August 2013

5 tips for helping teachers adopt technology
7 Excellent Resources for Public Domain Pictures Every Teacher should Know about
23 Things Your Kids Will NEVER Understand
13 Best K-12 Education Tablets Plus 7 Buying Tips
Four Essential Principles of Blended Learning | MindShift
15 Things You Can Do With Edmodo & How To Get Started
Top ten ways to become a better reader
New iPhone 5C Unboxing: 5 Lower-Cost iPhone Color Rear Shells
5 Tips to Successfully Gamify Your Classroom or School
4 Tips for BYOD on School Wireless Networks
10 Helpful cheat sheets
5 things you should know about Google’s cloud platform
10 Advanced Tips & Tricks For Google Forms

Deon Scanlon • August 25, 2013

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