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Creating grouped objects using Keynote/Pages on iPad

One thing I find that limits my use of Keynote on the iPad is its inability to group objects. There are some apps available that let you do this (like┬áiDraw, which comes with a reasonably hefty $AUD9.49 price tag that most schools would probably rather avoid. At my school, even with a volume purchasing discount,…

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So you want to remove the background from an image on the iPad?

Creating graphics on the iPad can be fun, and in the classroom it can be a very practical skill. Creating animations or games with custom characters allows an iPad user to present information in meaningful ways. So, how do I make a charicature or avatar from a photo without buying a special app for this…

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Top 13 list blogs viewed by me on Twitter on 25 August 2013

5 tips for helping teachers adopt technology 7 Excellent Resources for Public Domain Pictures Every Teacher should Know about 23 Things Your Kids Will NEVER Understand 13 Best K-12 Education Tablets Plus 7 Buying Tips Four Essential Principles of Blended Learning | MindShift 15 Things You Can Do With Edmodo & How To Get Started…

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Getting Creative with Book Creator

Apps to use: Funny Movie Maker (dub your voice, mouth, face over an image):   Tellagami (create animated characters who speak what you type):   Toonic (create hand drawn animations, flipbook style!):   Book Creator (create multimedia epub files that can be viewed in iBooks):   Instashare (send files from iPad…

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Sheet music sharing |

This looks like a great site for music teachers! Click on the image to visit the site:

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